20 October 2005

North Carolina's Appalachain Mountains

North Carolina is my Mountain Momma. These are ancient mountains with wisdom; they are not the abrupt, craggy peaks of ambition calling me west, but they are deep calm and peace; they comfort me like home. Here are some photographic tidbits of good ole NC.

Mountain haze make colorful sunsets. This is from Mt. Pisgah.

Tiger Swallowtails dance on rocky river banks in sand. This one is in Mom's garden.

Magnolia trees are one of my favorites. The leaves are waxy, soft, and strong, and make for premium backcountry TP.

Eastern Rattlers are cute and cuddly, but through a telephoto.

The Blue Ridge Parkway winds its way through Craggy Gardens in this view of snow dusted Appalachians.

Sunrise on the Mountain to Sea trail along the way to Mt. Mitchell.

Late Fall shows Looking Glass Mountain. A fairly easy hike, Looking Glass has some tough Trad and Aid routes to be climbed.

Beautiful Appalachain People doing some Contra Dancing at the Old Farmers Ball, Warren Wilson College. Good times guarenteed!

Sometimes these mountains are beautiful beyond reason... my camera couldn't capture what my spirit felt this day sitting on Looking Glass Mountain in Brevard.

The Bad Ass Men and Women of SUWS Carolina's Fall Prehire, 2005. SUWS operates in the Pisgah Mountains; through the 30 weeks I worked at SUWS I became intimately close with region's forests by experiencing the changes in season first hand.