10 September 2007

Catherine Freer Expeditions

In June I quit at Sage Walk, and in August I went to work for Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Expeditions. Freer is a different kind of wilderness therapy company. A small, indipendantly owned and operated company, Freer runs intense, three week expeditions into some of the most remote places in the North West. I worked three expeditions with Freer into three different use areas: the Blue Mountains in Southern Washington, Beatty's Butte in the high desert of Central Oregon, and the winter wonderland of Waldo Lake in the Cascade Range, Oregon. Every trip was memorable for something, and working at Freer put to the test my skills as a Field Instructor, especially the last. After almost 3 years and over 400 days in the field at 4 different programs, I still believe in the power of Wilderness to change lives.

Mushrooms grow abundantly during Fall in the Blues.

At an elevation around 6000ft, the bald ridgelines of the Blues are beautiful camping. Lead Guide Brooke and his dog Action.

The group gathers for a Psycho Ed group to learn about Levels of Communication.

Staff looks out on a beautiful sunset and a beautiful moment in Wilderness Therapy; the kids sit by themselves reading Impact Letters.

The dried lake in the High Desert makes an awsome space for hand stands (and Yoga!).

Cold Night falls, but with the Kids on Solo for 4 days, there is peace in Staff Land!

Through a rip in my tarp I spy the blood red sunrise spelling out bad weather for the day, precipitation and high winds.

40 mph gusts blow showers of sparks from our fire of Juniper. Another day at the office.

Our Winter Training crew, but where's the snow?

A great feature of being an independant company is Freer's ability to have dogs out on Expeditions. This Great Pyrenees named Lacy was in her element snow camping in Waldo Lakes.

Winter Expeditions are dropped off in the middle of no where by Sonny and one of his Snow Cats. Talk about Bad Ass logistics.

Hostel de Freer, the office that doubles as a home for a number of vagabond Field Instructors.

01 September 2007

Music Rocks My World

Concerts have an energy all their own. They breath, beat, and scream their own emotions. People are in a trance, captivated by the power of Music. I love music; good music resonates inside us and gives voice to our souls. Concerts amplify those vibrations through the collective experience of the crowd. Here's some pictures of rockstars.

Michael Franti at the Lake Eden Arts Festival

Pebbles and Bam Bam? I don't remember... but these is Rock Stars fer shur!

Chattham Co. Line. Genuine unadulturated North Carolina Bluegrass anyone?

Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers.

Seth Avett, darker brother.

Keller Williams, with the Keller Willams show on behind him.

Jackie Green. Very Talented.

Yonder Mountain String Band, a bluegrass Jambori!

Just watch~

The Gourds; and Snoop blesses their Gin and Juice cover.

At the Northwest Strings Summit. On stage: Yonder.

Peacock Feathers at Horning's Hideout, for the Strings Summit.

Best concert of the year goes to Acron Family, who ROCKED the Doug Fir in Portland.

Acron Family... I'd never heard of them either.

Mark and the mighty No Go Know.

Michael Pann, musician extraordinair.