25 December 2007

Portraits from Oregon

Oregon was kind to me and introduced me to a large number of beautiful people, kindred spirits. It was profound experience connecting with these people and gratefully sharing the good in our lives. It was really hard to pick what pictures to post here, I wanted to post every picture of every friend; maybe someday I will. These are more than portraits of friends; the faces here express community and love. They are proof of joy, evidence of genuine happiness. I've left Oregon, but I did not say goodbye. Life brought us together once and will connect us again in Time.

Always ready to play, all Mark needs here is a tail to wag.

A mellow jam with Michael and Mark at Concordia Coffe shop; Rachel strikes a pose.

Drew the amatuer-turned-pro photographer in the Columbia River Gorge.

Cameron climbs Dave; it looks dirty but this is People Bouldering, and it's coming soon to a neighborhood neer you.

B Ball down at the Concrete School Yard, Lucas has ups.

The house on Ogden Ave, affectionately called the "Goodness Collective," it's a house of open-hearted, community minded, health conscious, and uniquely spirited individuals. I called it home for six blessed months.

Stephen clears Garrett; an impromtu leap-frogging session occurs in the front yard.

Climb on Garrett.

One of many good days at Smith Rock.

Josh cuts firewood for our community sweat the old fashioned way.

In a house where 6 people have worked at 3 different wilderness therepy companies, there had to be one bow-drilling picture. Go Collin go!

Alan and Asher in a tender moment.

Josh's back becomes a canvas for the two beautiful artists Chelsea and Tex

Josh croons improvised lyrics to the cuddle puddle forming at his feet.

A Fall Potluck brings the Bend Community together around food, fire, and music.

Jon and Tessa and the Flickering Flame.

The Goodness Collective is featured on film! Famous Rachel the Iditarod racer brings her documentary crew from the Discovery Chanel over.

Fireside Chess, Pensive People.

In Jon's converted Yurt, wood stove blazing, Collin and Kelly grin at the flames.

And we weren't just LOOKing this wholesome...