30 August 2007

The Infatiguable West: More Adventures

I never really settled in out West. Even while I lived at the Goodness Collective I kept on the go. There was so much to see and no time to waste!

Crater Lake from the Watchman Mountain and the view from my campsite.

Wizard Island at Crater Lake in eerie dawn light.

Forest Fires haze the dawn at incomparable Glacier National Park, Montana.

Only at Glacier.

A Marmot.

The last picture before my camera battery died and I did not have a spare, day 1 of a 3 day backpacking trip. Heartbreak.

Wheat Fields in Idaho.

Oregon's very own Painted Hills at John Day Fossil Bed.

Two of the Three Sisters outside of Bend, OR. Our backyard mountains at 10k plus.

Tear Drop Lake at the summit of the mighty South Sister, OR.

The Monkey's Face at Smith Rock, my climbing playground for the summer.

Chelsea decends the long, free, double-rope rappel off the Monkey's Face. Long way down!