29 January 2008

Here I go!

Ready or not, here I go! Nothing left to do but get on the plane and fly way off the map for a while. Don't call me on the phone; I'll be in India until further notice! Yeee Haaw! ¡Ai! ¡Ai!
Since I left Oregon and drove back to North Carolina, I have been in Asheville at Mom's house simultaneously stressing myself out and taking it easy in preparation for my trip. And finally I've settled on my minimalist wardrobe, organized the essential photography tools, and selected the basic living equipment to make home from my backpack for a while. I'm really excited to go, but I'm nervous about the intense yoga teacher training ahead, too. I am dreaming asanas and vinyasas, having nightmares about never ending backbends and endless full lotus. But I am, I remind myself, capable and well prepared.
During my period of pre-trip preparation, some fond friends from my not so distant past came and visited me in Asheville. Jon and Lauren came up from Walhalla and gave me all the updates on Walhalla's star studded Class of 2000. We went and had pizza and then coffee and reminisced and planned. They're both awesome and it meant a lot to me that they came to visit. And who else came up to Asheville other than Richard Caine himself and his sister Betty. Richard's always had the longest beard, and even if his beard's changed color since the I knew him in those years in the 90's, his clever sense of humor remains the same. While he was here we bashed the religious right (who else?) and splashed in the creek, just like old times. It was really special to see someone who had such a large impact on my early life.
Mom and I spent a few days in Virginia with my Grandparents. It hurt a bit seeing my Grandparents' health failing, and I am sad for their struggles with age. But I was reminded looking through my Grandfather's photo album from WWII that he has had an interesting life. Grandma and Grandpa have been married now 60 years.
I would like to say thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog; I really appreciate all the compliments and support I get from my friends and family. I hope you can expect some quality posts from India in the months to come! For now, enjoy these recent pictures.
Be well everyone, much love— Ethan

This is my sister's "Closet-of-Coveted-Tissue-Samples". Too bad Dr. Burns forbade me to post any of the bloodier pictures from her Pathology Laboratory (fear of PETA, you know) because the necropsy floor is a very colorful place; red mostly.

In Nasheville my cousin Kira introduced me to Robo Raptor, the coolest toy on the block for sure.

The dashing Jon Hill.

Black coffee on the left, with cream and sugar on the right.

It's hard not to feel spoiled staying in the lap of luxury at the Casa del Burns, Asheville NC. The south facing windows light up the interior of Mom's house from the upstairs hallway.

A little downward dog in the basement of my Grandparent's house, Blacksburg, VA. On the bookshelf: a 1918 Sears catalogue and other antique curiosities.

Retired kindergarten teacher extraordinaire Richard aka "Mister" Caine and his hooligan sister Betty down by the creek in Asheville.

Hey Richard, your shirt's on fire.

19 January 2008

The Idea of India

Welcome to my Blog ya'll, and, if you're here, Thank You.

I'm on my way to India, January 30th. People have been asking me if I'm going just to travel, and the answer is no. I'm going to India for several reasons. One is to study yoga for two months in Mysore. Mysore is in Southern India, and it's world known for its yogis. It's an intense course of study involving twice a day yoga practice, my teacher himself studied under B.K.S. Iyengar, and completion of the course includes a Yoga Alliance teacher's certification. I've got some designs for possibly teaching yoga when I return to the states, but more than being a teach I see taking this course as a challenge building me up from my center. After studying yoga in Mysore I'm planning to head into the Himalayas. I plan on doing some social work there, teaching, helping however I can in with poor villages and displaced Tibetans. In my dreams I'll find my way onto a Himalayan expidition as a photographer. Photography is another large reason to go to India; I see India as an opportunity to do more with photography than just take pictures. Perhaps the photos I take in India can be used by non-profits, or simply to take others where I have been. This is a big journey for me. I'm not sure how it's going to work out, I'm not sure how long it's going to take. All I know is the time is right for me to go. So, if you're curious, check back. I'll keep posting.