19 April 2009

Play Ultimate

I began playing Ultimate in high school. We preferred to play when it was raining and Sertoma field was flooded. We didn't have many rules; we weren't even all that good at throwing. But we played because it was fun; we played because there is excitement with a frisbee aloft and just, just enough time to run it down.
Ultimate is an exciting game, and I believe it's that excitement that keeps someone like me playing for 10 years. There's a lot of ways to play Ultimate. Most common of all is the ubiquitous "pick up" game that happens, often spontaneously, when some people have a frisbee and a field. Pick up is also frequently organized in a city at a loosely set time in a set place. As long as I've lived in Asheville there has been pick up Ultimate every Sunday; it's casual, people are friendly, and a game. It's not necessarily competitive, but it's FUN.
On the other end of the spectrum is tournament play. Ultimate Tournaments range from the most serious of sporting events (National Championships) to an excuse for a giant party (Fools Fest) with Ultimate as a bonus. It's all Ultimate, but the difference at tournaments is a noticeably more committed player who has learned to play the game at a higher level. Games are more competitive, and the excitement of each moment is brought up to match the level of play. Once you've played ultimate at the tournament level, if you are like me you will crave that excitement again and again.
This collection of photos is an attempt to express the excitement offered by the game of Ultimate. They were all taken at a one day "Hat Tournament" where teams are chosen randomly-- the idea is a combination of casual pick up ultimate with tournament level play. Despite the serious expressions that come out in action shots, these are people enjoying themselves.

I love this game.

02 April 2009

Street Night Light

walking the
by the blocks
verticle line
by line by line
Ethan Burns
street night light
through an alley
with a beat
moving moving feet
city folk
I'm wide eyed it's bright
street night light
that is luminescent
warm air
bringing them out
Ethan Burns
new shoes
it's those jazz and blues
play it on the
street night light

this guy
pulled out a calendar
a menu
of venue
for coin
my shot for him
no front teeth
going big

I am tilted
not just one side
street side
the camera is tilted
it's a box
and a frame
and I didn't look
when I took aim

what he want to see
the little guy with dirty laundry
him with the
sometime ain't
the feeling i get
the power we let
we need that man
in that car
but damn if it ain't
gone too far

don't stop
for this light
just use