01 January 2007

So I Went West

Eventually higher mountains and bigger wildernesses got the better of me, and I had to see the Great West. It was a simple plan: live in my car, travel the West, take pictures, and work Wilderness Therapy half the time. It was sweet; when I wasn't working I drove around and camped out and visited national parks and saw old friends. I drove many miles and crashed many couches until eventually, 6 months later, I unpacked my car and moved into a house in Bend, OR.

Me old AustraLearn Maties!! Our Reunion in Portland for New Years.

A Waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge sillouhettes Alex on a hike.

The Southern Oregon Coast from my Secret Pulloff Campsite on Highway 1.

Sea Anenome. Cooool.

The kind Northern California Coastline.

A bon fire in Arcata, CA with Old Friends and Firefighters Angela and Sika.

I got a thrill riding my trusty Bianchi over the Golden Gate; Hell Yeah wouldn't you!?

Katie Morton shows me how Grad Students at Berkeley party and sinks the winning beer pong shot.

This just about sums up Santa Cruz.

Home Sweet Home, you know it!