16 July 2007

The Three Burns's Sight Seeing Co.

The last time Mom, Rachel, and I were all together was in California on my 25th birthday. We spent the day hiking in the magnificent Redwood National Park, and the last two weeks traveling as a threesome around Norther California and Oregon. We're an odd trio, but mostly I'm the odd one out. I let go of my long individualized travel style and tried to enjoy the life of hotel rooms and roadside attractions. The Great Northwest provided plenty to look at along the way.

We settled for a 4th of July firewords display that was not of our own production.

My sister the Pathologist looks intellectually at an inspiring portrait of death at the Sacromento Art Museum.

Mother the tour guide at Another Roadside Attraction.

Mom and Rachel at the Dee Wright Observatory on the McKenzie pass with the North Sister in the background.

Mom investigate the walls of this several mile long Lava Tube.

Newberry Falls with Indian Paintrbush.

Proxy Falls, the most beautiful waterfall with the ugliest name.

The Maple Understory.

A cuddly lookin' Harbor Seal on the Oregon Coast.

Mom and Rachel pick up smooth, colorful rocks on the North California coast.

From our hotel room at Crescent City, CA. Can't complain.

Rachel at the foot of a Giant Redwood, Redwood National Park.

We hiked through the Giant Redwoods down to the coast. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my birthday. Who knows when the three of us will be together again!