07 September 2006

Ultimate is Life

While in Asheville I played as much and as well as I could The Greatest Game on Earth with a community of spirited, devoted, and party loving Ultimate players. Everytime I'm back in town there is great Ultimate to be played before we retire to the Brew & View for a pizza and beer. More than just team mates, these are dear friends. No one does Ultimate like Asheville!

The above mentioned Party Lovers in Hilton Head, SC for the anual December hat tournament Sammy Clause.

Seven very tired individuals after finishing second at the Seven Little Idiots Savage tournament at Tom's Ant Farm, GA.

The dead sexy Strassasaurus.

Cathy Jones looking very serious indeed.

Evan throws a picturesque hammer. Why not?

I swear I'm playing defense.

Brady's look of intense concentration. Go Brady Go!

04 March 2006

Belize Break Out!

In February 2006 I milked my wilderness therapy schedule for a sweet 5 weeks off. The price was 3 weeks of work, and the pay off was Belize! The idea was a backpacking photo expedition to central America, an adventure, and to learn better how to travel on my own. It was a brilliant success and I had an amazing experience. Traveling alone I made friends easily, and the pictures I took on this trip feuled my increasingly out of hand photography addiction, still out of control. Here are the high lights.

Sunset from Caye Caulker, paradise.

Scuba diving was a big draw for me in Belize. This is me on a dive... the Blue Hole perhaps?

This is Tabacco Caye, off the cost of Dangriga, southern Belize.

Scotty Booth from my Furman Daze joined me for a little while; this picture just about sums his visit up.

An Osprey flies back to her babies on Tobacco Caye.

A juvenile Basillisk, or Jesus Christ Lizard, gets ready to run.


Angela points to the pin on Belize's only Frisbee Golf Course at the Trekstop Hostel near the Guatamalen border.

Travel companions Angela and Sika on Xunantunich ruin.

One of the many tall steep and massive temples at Tikal in Guatamala.

Monkey, make your move... Tikal.

Robby, Brian, and "woman from Amsterdam" in front of 1000 foot falls. Thanks to Robby for driving us all there from San Ignacio.

The park in front of Robbie's house in the very healthy town of San Ignacio.

A vine snake spied hiking in the jungle near Achtun Tunich Muchnal.

Real skull from a real Mayan sacrice in Achtun Tunich Muchnal cave. Spooky stuff.